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Premium Classic/ Russian Kit

Premium Classic/ Russian Kit

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This kit is our luxury version of a starter kit for Classic and Russian lashes.

Whether you’re buying this before your course to get yourself ahead of the game, or whether you’re an educator who is aiming to please those students… this is the kit for you!

Whats included?

- 2 x classic C 0.15 mix lash trays 9-14mm

- 2 x russian D 0.05 mix lash trays 9- 14mm

- 1 x russian easyfan mix lash tray

- 1 x isolation tweezer (shard)

- 1 x classic pick up tweezer (pisa)

- 1 x russian fanning tweezer (various)

- Superfix Adhesive

- Gel Remover

- Primer

- 10 x Gel pads

- 50 x spoolys

- 50 x micro applicators

- Jade stone

- Micropore tape

- A5 clipboard *not photographed*

- Lash Cleanser

- Microfibre cleansing brush

- Kit box

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